Present energy harvesting solutions, based on metamaterials, have been proposed by the scientific community with the vast majority remaining at the proof-of-concept level, without incorporating realistic design conditions.

At this colloquium we aim to bring together world-leading, complementary expertise in the theory, simulation, manufacturing, and experimental realisation of metamaterials and architected materials to define novel energy harvesting solutions for next-generation self-powered sensors.

The colloquium’s scientific focus will be on the following four central research themes that underpin current research in the field of metamaterials and architected materials for energy harvesting and applications for Internet of Things (IOT) sensors:

Elastic wave control:
- acoustic and elastic metamaterials
- nonlinear elastic metamaterials
- topological elastic metamaterials
- tuneable elastic metamaterials
Energy harvesting methods:
- linear and nonlinear piezoelectric energy harvesting
- electromagnetic and electrostatic energy harvesting
- magnetostriction and other energy harvesting methods
Metamaterial devices:
- metamaterials for sensing
- metamaterials for energy harvesting
- IoT using metamaterials
- metamaterial optimisation
Manufacturing methods and metamaterials characterisation:
- Additive Manufacturing for architected materials
- micro-fabrication of metamaterials
- metamaterials characterisation and micro/macro testing


The format of the meeting will consist of informal oral presentations in plenary sessions and some poster presentations that will be displayed throughout the colloquium, with ample opportunity for discussion. The workshop will be by invitation only, but if you feel that one of your colleagues would have a particular contribution to make, please bring it to their (and our) attention.


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